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Check your child's dietary intake of IRON with CERELAC® IRON Calculator!*


Our handy meal planner helps you plan a whole week of meals and makes cooking easier than ever.

Get great tips for your baby's nutrition, diet, health, exercise, immunity, and more!

Discover the benefits of CERELAC® Baby Food

CERELAC Infant cereal is a complete meal for babies at the start of their introduction to solid foods once they complete 6 months of age. It is the safety net for both nutrition and protection gaps with its nutrient-dense content and immune supporting nutrients for your baby’s proper physical growth and cognitive development.

Fortified with Iron + complex, rich in iron, zinc, DHA, Omega 3, calcium, Vitamin A, C, D and minerals. By adding beneficial microorganisms, Bifidus BL helps strengthen children’s resistance.

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Each serving of Cerelac Baby Food with


Provides more than half of a baby’s daily iron needs. Helps support your baby’s brain and cognitive development. Reduces your baby’s risk of iron deficiency and anemia.

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Bifidus BL

Bifidus BL is a probiotic similar to those found in the digestive system of breastfed babies. Bifidus BL has been clinically proven to help keep your baby's intestinal flora healthy and strengthen his natural defenses.

Nestlé CHE

Based on the patented Nestlé CHE (Cereals Hydrolyzed Enzymatically) process, which breaks down the carbohydrates for easy digestion.

Natural Baby Food

Nestlé CERELAC® weaning food is made from natural ingredients, and comes in a delicious flavor that your baby will love.